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Why in news?

Recently, Researchers have discovered a new species of Moray eel at the Mudasalodai fish landing centre off the Cuddalore coast. The species has been named after Tamil Nadu as Gymnothorax tamilnaduensis with common name as Tamil Nadu brown moray.

More on news:

  • The team found a new fish species after extensive morphological analysis, skeleton radiography and advanced molecular markers they concluded that the found species is moray eel, distinct species of genus Gymnothorax.
  • With this, new found fish species of Gymnothorax the number has increased to 29, hitherto Indian waters had 28 species of Gymnothorax.
  • A paramount of this discovery is, this new species is first to be found in the south-eastern coast of India, Bay of Bengal. The holotype of this new species is registerred at the National Fish Museum and Repository of ICAR-NBFGR Lucknow.
  • The name of the fish species is registered in the Zoobank, the online registration system for the international commission on Zoolgical Nomenclature (ICZN).


  • Moray eels, or Muraenidae, are a family of eels whose members are found worldwide. There are approximately 200 species in 15 genera which are almost exclusively marine, but several species are regularly seen in brackish water, and a few are found in fresh water.
  • Morays are opportunistic, carnivorous predators and feed primarily on smaller fish, crabs, and octopuses.
  • A spotted moray eel has been observed eating a red lionfish without harm.
  • Groupers, barracudas and sea snakes are among their few known predators, making many morays (especially the larger species) apex predators in their ecosystems.
  • The moray eel can be found in both fresh and saltwater habitats. The vast majority of species are strictly marine, never entering freshwater. Of the few species known to live in freshwater, the most well-known is Gymnothorax polyuranodon.


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