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  • 10/25/2023


Why in news?

Recently, Ministry of Fisheries, organized a workshop on Matsya Sampada Jagrukta Abhiyan at Kochi to disseminate information and knowledge about nine years of achievements in the fisheries sector and to highlight the success stories of Department of Fisheries and its institutions across the country.


  • PMMSY is a scheme to bring about Blue Revolution through sustainable and responsible development of fisheries sector in India at an estimated investment of Rs. 20050 crores for holistic development of fisheries sector including welfare of fishers.
  • PMMSY is being implemented in all the States and Union Territories for a period of 5 years from FY 2020-21 to FY 2024-25.
  • PMMSY is designed to address critical gaps in the fisheries value chain from fish production, productivity and quality to technology, post-harvest infrastructure and marketing.
  • It aims to modernize and strengthen the value chain, enhance traceability and establish a robust fisheries management framework while simultaneously ensuring the socio-economic welfare of fishers and fish farmers.

PMMSY Objectives

  • Harness the potential of the fisheries sector in a sustainable, responsible, inclusive and equitable manner
  • Enhance fish production and productivity through expansion, intensification, diversification and productive utilization of land and water
  • Modernize and strengthen the value chain including post-harvest management and quality improvement
  • Double fishers and fish farmers’ incomes and generate meaningful employment
  • Enhance the contribution of the fisheries sector to Agricultural GVA and exports
  • Ensure social, physical and economic security for fishers and fish farmers
  • Build a robust fisheries management and regulatory framework


  1. Financial assistance for fishing infrastructure: The scheme provides financial assistance to develop fishing infrastructure like fishing harbors, fish landing centers, fish markets, fish feed plants, fish seed farms, and fish processing units.
  2. Financial assistance for fish farmers: The scheme provides financial assistance to fish farmers for various activities like the construction of ponds, cages, hatcheries, and nurseries, and for the installation of aeration systems and other equipment.
  3. Assistance for fisheries management: The scheme provides financial assistance for the management of fishery resources through the adoption of scientific methods, setting up of fishery management plans, and developing fishery information systems.
  4. Credit-linked subsidy for fish farmers: The scheme provides a credit-linked subsidy for fish farmers to encourage them to take up fish farming as a business.
  5. Assistance for marketing and export of fish products: The scheme provides assistance for the development of cold chains, fish processing units, and packaging facilities to promote the export of fish products.